About Me

Dr. Malhotra

Founder & CEO of Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research & Ohio Center for Hope


Shishuka Malhotra, MD is Board-Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology; founder and CEO to a non-profit organization, Ohio Center for Hope, along with a research site, Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research. Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research holds a 12-bed in-patient facility as well as outpatient clinic. Dr. Malhotra has conducted over 600 clinical trials including in-patient and out-patient in her 20 years of experience. In her research career, Dr. Malhotra has helped to put more than 15 medications and therapies on to market. Dr. Malhotra has a team full of experienced, passionate individuals who provide quality care. The team includes Physicians with over 25 years’ experience, Raters with over 15 years’ experience, Study Coordinators, Recruitment, Regulatory, Quality Assurance, Administrative, Outreach, a Company Driver, and Observation Staff that are on site 24/7 and are highly trained and certified.

With a passion advocating for individuals living with mental illness as well as being committed to increasing diversity in clinical trial participation, Dr. Malhotra serves on many boards for different organizations such as NAMI, The Alzheimer’s Association, a chair member with the The STARR Coalition to help improve diversity & inclusion in clinical trials as well as on the leadership board with CNS Summit. Dr. Malhotra also created her non-profit with the initiative to provide free mental health care to patients within the surrounding communities. She founded Ohio Center for Hope with the mission of expanding mental health resources throughout her localities and giving these individuals access to care at no cost. Roughly 7000 patients are treated annually through Ohio Center for Hope.

Dr. Malhotra’s passion for research began at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where she completed her Psychiatric Residency. Her research and pharmacology fellowships were carried out at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Malhotra has highly published research papers in reputable psychiatric journals. She regularly presents her findings at national and international scientific conferences and meetings. Dr. Malhotra remains a highly active researcher and a pioneer disrupter in patient advocacy and diversity in clinical trials.


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