Let’s Work Together Against COVID-19

It takes a team to take down COVID-19. Participating in clinical trials for Coronavirus can greatly help the population as a whole. It is important to follow CDC guidelines to ensure safety for all. Remember to wash your hands and avoid touching your face. For more info on clinical trials for COVID-19 check out theContinue reading “Let’s Work Together Against COVID-19”

COVID-19 Webinar

Working hand in hand with NAMI (National Allegiance on Mental Illness), Dr. Shishuka Malhotra will be hosting a Webinar to help those of us cope with anxiety and depression during COVID-19. Dr. Malhotra has many years of experience under her belt and is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. The motto at Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research is “CareContinue reading “COVID-19 Webinar”

Still Enrolling for Clinical Research Trials

Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research is still accepting patients for their on going clinical research trials. Even during the Coronavirus, we are committed to our patient care. We will remain open during this time and continue to follow CDC guidelines for your safety. Our cleaning practices are set in place to to make our office a safeContinue reading “Still Enrolling for Clinical Research Trials”

Coronavirus Precautions

At Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research, safety is our top priority. As efforts concerning the containment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) expand and evolve here in the U.S., and around the world, we want to assure you we are focused on three things: 1. Ensuring the safety of our study volunteers, their caregivers, our research team membersand our community at large; 2. Continuing to provide our best possible service to all Study Volunteers, Study Sponsorsand Contract Research OrganizationsContinue reading “Coronavirus Precautions”