We believe that every patient is unique. Dr. Malhotra works towards identifying and treating your specific needs and help you achieve your life goals. We don’t believe that every patient needs medication but for those who require psychopharmacological treatment, Dr. Malhotra specializes in psychopharmacology and is involved in cutting edge research.

Psychiatrist Shishuka Malhotra

Clinical Psychiatry

Dr. Malhotra is available to treat individual patients, groups and families, and provide a friendly and safe atmosphere where she can assist the patient in identifying their root issues/concerns and assist them in accessing their inner personal tools to help them address and improve the way they handle their lives.

Suboxone Program

A Suboxone Treatment Program is available to those who want to withdraw from highly addictive opiates like Heroin and other popular prescription pain medications. Dr. Malhotra is a Suboxone prescribing physician who can help you overcome your addiction.

Weight Loss Program

Weight loss/hormonal replacement programs are available for patients who want to age gracefully and protect themselves from age related disorders, muscle loss, increased body fat, decreased energy, low sex drive and foggy thinking. Dr. Malhotra specializes in age management medicine. We believe all of the above age related disorders are not inevitable. With the help of research based medical information, we coach you to control the aging process and development of age related disorders. Let us help with the aging process.

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